Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic swimming (and other sports)

Happy Olympics, everyone! I love watching the Olympics (especially the Summer Games). I've been staying up late almost every night to see what's happening in London (after watching some during the day, too). I like all the sports, but swimming is my favorite. I'm a former competitive swimmer, though, so I'm probably a little biased.  :)

I'm so excited for newcomers, like Missy Franklin (who is just awesome), as well as more experienced athletes, like Michael Phelps (now the most decorated Olympian ever--what an accomplishment!), and everyone in between. One of the swimmers is even from my hometown, so that's pretty cool.

When I swam, I was never anywhere near fast enough to make it to the Olympics, but it's fun to watch and see these swimmers doing the same things I used to do--focusing on races, adjusting goggles, stretching before a race starts, going for best times (and medals). Swimmers really are a different breed, but it's cool to see the Olympians doing the same things I used to do--albeit much faster and much better.

It's fun to see them out of the pool, too.  Swimmers know how to have fun! In case you haven't seen it yet (although you probably have, as it's gone viral), here's the video the team put together before the Olympics--their take on "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen.

They're also a pretty successful group. I heard on TV this morning that the swim team is expected to bring in roughly one-third of the total medals the USA wins during this Olympics. Impressive!

I'm also enjoying the other sports. I love watching the gymnastics (gold medal for the women's team!), and of course I'm keeping up with Misty and Carrie in beach volleyball. I'm looking forward to the track and field events next week, too. I also love seeing the spotlight on London. I've been there twice, and I think it's just the coolest city ever.


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