Monday, June 11, 2012

A tale of two chairs... and a dog

Hello, Monday. Hope you all had a good weekend. My weekend was full of pool time, grilling out, working out, and yard sales.

That last one is where the chairs come in. A few neighborhoods around us were having their community yard sales on Saturday, so David and I checked out a few lots of them before heading to the gym.

And we weren't looking for just anything, either. Oh no. I was on a mission.... to find the perfect chair.

Not just any chair, either. Something to go with the desk off of the family room. Remember this picture? (Hint: It's from this post.)

Well, I wanted to find the chair to replace the blue office chair. I was thinking some sort of older chair, maybe originally from a dining room table, that I could paint and reupholster. I plan to paint the desk as well.

So off we went on Saturday morning, looking for my chair. And we found one! It was at a yard sale, and the best part? It was free! FREE.

It was also broken. That explains the low price.

David and I studied it but couldn't decide whether or not it would be fixable. I decided to take it anyway. Our brother-in-law would be over that afternoon, and he's more knowledgeable about these things.

I picked up the chair, told the guy I was taking his free chair, thanked him, and headed down the sidewalk, proud of my new "purchase." David offered to carry it for me, but I insisted. He then made fun of me for going to yard sales and coming back with only a broken chair. I told him to just wait and see.

That evening, our brother-in-law determined that the chair was not fixable. Bummer. I'd already planned how I was going to fix it up and everything. But apparently the only option would be to make a whole new chair leg, something I couldn't do and he couldn't do. It wasn't worth it, and sadly, the chair had to go out to the curb that afternoon to be picked up Monday morning with the trash.

(I would show you a picture of the chair, but I don't want it to break your heart the way it broke mine.)

My mourning didn't last too long, however. It was replaced with hope when David's brother, Dan, came over that evening. He told me that he'd seen a similar chair set out with the trash in another nearby neighborhood when he'd gone running earlier that afternoon.

I'm not above Dumpster-diving, so I knew I needed what I needed to do.

I got in my car and headed over to that neighborhood, following Dan's directions. I passed by the chairs (there were actually two of them, exactly the same), and saw that they weren't quite was I was looking for. They looked a little too small to fit well at the desk, and it didn't look like the seat could be removed to be reupholstered. Granted, I did just stop briefly on the side of the road, but I still got a good enough look to know they weren't going to work. It was time to go home.

I was disappointed, but then something happened that made the drive TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I was headed out of the neighborhood when I saw a woman in her driveway, playing with her dog. The dog looked like a Goldendoodle. I think I've mentioned before (#25) that I'd like to get a Goldendoodle someday. David had told me before that he'd seen one in this neighborhood when he was running, and now I got to see it too!

I slowed down as I drove by the house, half-tempted to pull over and talk to the woman about her dog. But it seemed like she was giving me a weird look--probably trying to figure out why I was stopping at her house--so I drove away. I couldn't help imagining our potential conversation in my head.

Me: Excuse me.

Her (warily): Yes?

Me: Is that a Goldendoodle?

Her (obviously relieved that I wasn't trying to stalk or kill her): Oh! Yes, it is.

Me: It's so cute! My husband and I are talking about getting a Goldendoodle.

Her: Yes, they're great dogs. Say, do you live around here?

Me: Actually, no. I'm in the neighborhood across the street. I'm just here for a bit of Dumpster-diving before the trash gets picked up tomorrow.

Her (scared again and quickly herding the dog toward the door): Oh...

I promise I'm not creepy or stalkerish. I just really like Goldendoodles, and I'm not above getting a new-to-me chair from someone else's trash.

Anyway, that was my weekend.... two (well, I guess three) failed chair attempts and one Goldendoodle sighting. Oh, and the other fun stuff I already mentioned (like cookouts and pool time).

How was your weekend?

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