Monday, May 21, 2012

The Great Gardening Experiment

I've never really been a gardener. (I'm not much with yardwork, either.) I thought it might be nice to have a vegetable or flower garden "someday" (assuming that by the time "someday" rolls around, I'll have developed an interest in gardening), but that's about it. (Most plants that I take care of tend to die due to either overwatering or underwatering, so I obviously still have a few things to figure out.)

But lately, between seeing my parents work on their small vegetable garden, helping my mother-in-law re-pot some plants outside, and reading what other bloggers have done, I've thought more and more about the idea of getting into a little gardening. Unfortunately, we don't have the space for a garden here at the condo. I figured I could do something small, though.

And now, may I present to you, Liz's Great Gardening Experiment of 2012:

It's already not looking too good.

That's right--basil. (And yes, I know it's already looking a little wilted, but I'm hoping I can get that fixed soon.)

I guess a basil plant is less "gardening" and more "taking care of the one basil plant on your porch," but hey, you have to start with baby steps, right?

We use basil a lot when we cook, so I think the plant will come in handy. And from what I've heard, it's not too difficult or too high-maintenance to grow. I've just put it in a flower pot on the porch, where it should get enough sunlight. The start-up cost was less than $5 for the plant and the flower pot, so it should save us money over time since we won't have to regularly purchase fresh basil at the store.

I just hope I can handle giving it the right amount of water.

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