Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Upcoming Projects, Part I

The other day, I sat down and made a list of things I want to do around the house. Most are smaller decorating projects, although there is one that would involve remodeling.

The list was rather long, so I thought I'd share it in a series of posts. We'll call this series.... drumroll, please.... Upcoming Projects. (Creative, right?)

Quite a few of these are quick projects that it would seem I could knock out in no time, but if you factor in other things to do on any given day, the fact that I'm working on a budget and want to spend as little as possible (and am willing to take time to shop around to find the best deal I can), and my indecisiveness or, in some cases, absolutely no idea what I want to do with a particular project, then you'll see how these could take some time.

And now, without further ado, I present to you, Upcoming Projects, Part I.

Wedding pictures

See these photos on top of our entertainment center and bookshelf?

Please ignore the messiness of the shelves.

Those pictures are all mine.... pictures of me with my family and friends. Time to add some photos with David into the mix. After all, he does live here, too.  :)  We want to put up some wedding photos and other decorations.

I've already made the hurricanes to go on top of the entertainment center. We want to add two photos of us with our families at our wedding. The pictures will be added as soon as I stop being a lazy bum and start ordering them. I need to get frames, too.

For this top shelf of the bookcase, I want to put a photo of us with the wedding party. I also have a vase I'm working on (something I found on Pinterest--I'll post it when it's finished) that will go on the shelf, too. The vase is taking a little longer than anticipated due to some problems I've had.... the creative stuff doesn't exactly come naturally to me. As for the wedding party photo (and frame), see the "lazy bum" statement above.

This is our guestbook from the wedding.

We got a picture frame for everyone to sign. The picture in it is one of our engagement pictures. (We were going to change it to a wedding picture once we got those back, but we decided we liked it the way it was. There are/will be several wedding pictures around the house, and we haven't used our engagement pictures as much.)

This is going to be a gallery wall once we have other wedding pictures printed and framed. Why hasn't this happened yet? Once again, I refer you to my "lazy bum" statement. I'm working on it. Really. I am.

Laundry room

Our laundry room is a small closet off the kitchen. Obviously, the washer and dryer aren't pictured here, but they are fairly new and awesome. The shelving is nice to have, but the whole design could use.... some work.

See the seafoam green walls (which actually look better in the picture than in person)? That's the color that the master bedroom was when I moved in. I took care of that right away, but I didn't do much with that lovely color downstairs in the laundry room because I figured no one would see it. I've already decided it's not going to get painted because, let's face it, it would be way too much time and trouble to move the washer and dryer. So I've decided to work with it instead.

I think the main steps will be to brighten up and organize the shelves. First, organization. Things are scattered, not really in any particular order except being put wherever there's room. Also, you may see some things here that you think belong in the kitchen. You're right. But we're not working with a ton of space, which means putting paper plates and Solo cups in the laundry room. However, I think a few baskets on the shelves would help organize the contents, make it less obvious that kitchen supplies are in the laundry room, and add a little more color to the room (because that lovely green isn't enough, right?).

The shelves are currently bare pieces of wood that aren't even attached to the brackets, so it would be easy enough to take them down to paint. I'm not sure yet on a color. I figure that since the wall is rather... bright... I may as well just run with it and add another bright color that will clash contrast nicely with the green. I was thinking some sort of red, maybe something with a bit of a coral shade to it. Or maybe I'll go with a neutral color, like navy or black.

What do you think? Am I going overboard with the wedding photos? What would be a good color for the laundry room shelves?

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