Monday, April 30, 2012

It's like a whole new car

Remember my earlier post (here) about the spoiler on my car breaking in half and needing to be replaced?

Well, this weekend, the replacement was done. My car, Muskie, looks like a whole new car.

(Well, maybe not. And I don't want a new car anyway--I love the one I have. But I think he's looking better these days with the new spoiler. Plus it's nice to not have to worry about any water leaking into the trunk.)

On Saturday afternoon, my future brother-in-law and his friend installed Muskie's new spoiler. David and I helped--David did some of the drilling, and I was really good at holding spare screws and washers in one hand while holding the trunk halfway open with the other. But it was mainly the other two who did all the work (and had the know-how).

Want to see a picture? Of course you do.


A brand-new spoiler would've been more than $600. I got this one (again, thanks to a certain future brother-in-law's knowledge) from a salvage yard in New York. He found a spoiler online from a car that was the same model, year, and color, so we didn't have to worry about getting it painted to match. It was $147 (and that includes shipping).

When it arrived, we discovered that it wasn't quite the same as the old spoiler. It was very close, but just different enough that we'd have to drill through the holes already in the trunk to make them just a little bigger. We bought new screws, washers, and some Loctite, which we put on the screws before putting them in, just to add a little adhesive.

The tape (or "protector," as Mazda called it) on each end of the spoiler that acted as a seal was crumbling and peeling off, so we removed it. We needed to replace it, so I visited the local Mazda dealer last week to see if they sold anything that we could use. The guy took a look at the new spoiler (which I'd brought along in the trunk of my car) and told me he had just the thing. He gave me a length of double-sided automotive tape. Ha! I wasn't expecting that. But it seems to work just fine. Plus, it was free! Thanks, Mazda!

The total cost came to less than $200, or less than a third of what it would have cost to purchase a brand-new spoiler. And it looks just as great! Unfortunately, the light doesn't work, but that's a very minor issue. Maybe we can work on that some other time. Right now, I'm just excited to have the new spoiler attached.

Let's take another look, shall we?


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