Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl!

Way to go, Giants!

That's right.... David and I watched the Super Bowl with his brother, sister, and her fiance, and we were all cheering for the Giants. It was an easy decision to make--as Colts fans, and Peyton Manning fans, there was no way we could cheer for Tom Brady and the Patriots, especially when they were playing in Indy. But the Giants and Eli Manning? No problem!

I even wore my Manning jersey for the game. Sure, it was the wrong team, wrong color, and wrong number, but at least it had the right name on the back! Unfortunately, it very well could have been the last time to wear it while Peyton is still a Colt. I hope he doesn't end up with another team next year, but I'm afraid he will.

The Super Bowl wouldn't be the Super Bowl without the commercials. My favorite was the M&M commercial. (You can check it out here.) Close seconds were the VW commercial with the dog working out (click here) and the Sketchers commercial with Mr. Quiggly and the dog race (here).

And food is important, too! We ordered pizza and breadsticks and also had crackers with cheddar cheese dip, cookies, soft drinks, wine, and beer. Yum!

Indianapolis got great reviews as Super Bowl hosts. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Super Bowl Village downtown had a lot to offer, and the weather cooperated by being unseasonably warm and mild. Residents and visitors alike had a great time, and I hope Indy will see another Super Bowl in the future!

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