Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Home Improvement: Painting the Bathroom (Before)

See this picture?

This is a corner of our downstairs half bathroom. See the wallpaper border? See how it's peeling? And, you can't see it here, but the very light blue paint was apparently applied with no more than one quick coat, because when you look closely, white still shows through in places.

This means only one thing....

It's time to paint the bathroom.

The big question: what color?

I went to Lowe's about six weeks ago (yeah, this project has been on my mind for a while) to get some paint samples. I kept thinking about it, and last weekend I went back to get some more samples.

Here's what I'm working with now:

It's possible that I may have gone a little overboard.

My original thought was a chocolate brown. Our bedroom and bathroom upstairs are dark green and brown--the sheets, comforter, pillows, curtains, towels.... everything. The bedroom is painted green, and I'm planning to eventually paint the bathroom brown. I figured it'd be easiest to just do the other bathroom the same color. The problem is, while the upstairs (full) bath is a pretty good size, the downstairs half bath is probably too small for such a dark color. So, it was on to a new plan.

My next thought (and David's suggestion) was a neutral color, like some shade of beige that would match anything. It might be boring, but it was safe and would look good. The problem here was that this would require some planning ahead. Our condo has a very open floor plan, so the kitchen, dining room, living room, front hall, staircase, and upstairs hallway would all have to be painted the same color. We're planning on having all that painted in the next year or two in--you guessed it--a neutral beige. I don't want to paint the bathroom the same color as what the rest of those will eventually be, but I don't want it to clash. I also don't want to have to pick the color for the giant project yet. So no neutrals for the half bathroom.

This means we're down to a light color. I'm not a big fan of too many light colors, so I'm trying to find one I do like--meaning it's dark enough for my taste, but light enough for a small room.

Right now I'm thinking either a light (but not too light) sage green or maybe a teal (a more bluish teal that isn't too dark).

Decisions, decisions...

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