Monday, January 30, 2012

The Super Bowl comes to Indy

Super Bowl XLVI is being held in Indy on Sunday, and after years (literally, years) of planning, the city is all set up and ready to go!

The Super Bowl Village is downtown, not far from Lucas Oil Stadium, where the game will be held, and includes all kinds of things, like ziplining, music, food, drinks, giant heaters (hey, it's January/February in Indy, and even with a mild winter, it's still pretty chilly out there), ice sculptures, and much more. Then there's the NFL Experience, where you can try to kick a field goal and get your time for the 40-yard dash, and the NFL Pro Shop, where you can buy your favorite Giants/Patriots/Super Bowl gear

Yesterday afternoon, David and I headed downtown to check things out. Although it was nearly 40 degrees and sunny, it was very, very windy (in fact, we heard some tents were closed later due to high winds), and therefore, very cold. But we went anyway.... after all, how often does your city play host to the Super Bowl? We walked through Monument Circle, where the "XLVI" Roman numerals were set up. On the way back, we stopped for a picture:

Sorry for the photos not all being of the best quality.... I took them all on my phone.

The street near the Roman numerals is closed and lined with racecars, each decorated for a different NFL team. It was pretty cool to see all the cars down the street.

There was a lot to see at the Super Bowl Village. Because of the cold, I didn't get as many pictures as I would've liked, but here are a couple. First, ziplining:

This was so cool to watch! Every few seconds, you'd see someone just whizzing by on the zipline. It reminded me of Maxwell the pig and his pinwheels on the Geico commercial. (And, as I mentioned in #15 of my intro post, I really love that commercial.) It was something we'd considered doing, but we'd heard wait times could be as much as three or four hours (there was quite a line when we were there yesterday), and considering the whole thing looked like it took less than 30 seconds, we decided against it.

Here's a picture from where ESPN was setting up:

Shows like Mike & Mike, SportsCenter, and other ESPN shows will be broadcasting from here all this week.

We also went into the NFL Pro Shop and looked around. Being Colts fans, we knew we didn't care about a Giants or Pats shirt/hat/whatever, but it was still fun to look around (plus, it was indoors and therefore heated!). We passed by curling (yes, curling!), cornhole (a favorite around here), and ice sculptures (so cool, literally and figuratively), and stopped for a second under the heat lamps to get warm.

We also passed by The Huddle, which is on the first floor of the old Nordstrom building and serves food and drinks and is a good place to go to warm up. There's also a beer garden and another big shopping area with NFL and Super Bowl merchandise. And there's even a club! That's right.... you can go to the lounge and have cocktails at Nordstrom. And that's not all..... there used to be a Borders down the road from Nordstrom, and it closed when Borders went out of business. That building is going to be used for a club/lounge as well. I think the cover for the Borders one is $125. Crazy, right? We thought the idea of clubbing at Nordstrom or Borders was pretty funny.  :)

It was crowded downtown, but the crowd seemed to all be in good spirits. Since it was a week till the game, I think most people there probably lived in Indy, but I can only guess how crazy it will be later this week, as more and more Giants and Patriots fans arrive. As for the football players, the Pats came in town yesterday, and the Giants arrived today.

It's pretty cool to see all the city has done for the Super Bowl. There are going to be concerts and all kinds of events throughout the week. And, of course, there's a football game on Sunday. Like any good Colts fan, I'm cheering for the Giants. Apparently a 2-14 record isn't enough to get you to the big game, or even to the playoffs.  :)  But if Peyton can't play in the Super Bowl (or at all), then I'll be cheering for his brother. Go Eli, go Giants, and go Indianapolis!

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