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I suppose this is the "introductory post" for this blog. I read many blogs, and if I find them interesting, I'll go back and start at the beginning. I like when the blogger introduces themselves and talks about their reasons for starting a blog and what they plan to write about, so I decided to do the same.

The purpose of this blog is simple: to give me a place to write. I enjoy writing and have been told before that I'm good at it, but I haven't done much of it lately. I have all the usual excuses: I don't have time, I don't know what to write about, etc. But I've decided it's time to make time and think of some things to write about. Even if it's just day-to-day stuff, why not? I enjoy reading other people's blogs about their day-to-day lives, so perhaps someone will enjoy reading mine as well. And of course, having the blog out on the Internet where anyone can read it (rather than in a journal in the back of my closet) will hold me accountable and keep me writing regularly.

Why now? There are several reasons. I've been thinking about starting a blog for at least six months, but have used the usual excuses (see above paragraph) as reasons not to. But last month, I decided it was time. I turned 30 in December, and a couple of weeks later, 2012 began. It was a time of beginnings: a new year for me, a new decade for me, and when January rolled around, a new year for everyone. It was the perfect time to start my new project.

Last week, I had an additional reason to start the blog--I was laid off from my job. Long story short, one of the company's big accounts (one that I worked on) had cut back, and the company was forced to reorganize. I was one of a group of people that they had to let go. While it wasn't a good thing, for obvious reasons, it quickly became apparent that being unemployed would mean some more free time, which meant it was definitely blog time. Unemployment is one more "new" in my life, and I'm sure it's one I'll document on this blog (although I don't plan to write solely about unemployment).

So what will I write about? Well, I have lots of ideas. As of now, I see this blog as being a place to share my thoughts, my ideas, my stories. I don't plan to focus on one thing--meaning this won't be a political blog, a religious blog, an unemployment blog, or anything like that. It will be about a variety of things. If you like what you read, please let me know by leaving a comment. If you don't, well, comment anyway and tell me that!

So, it's time for me to share a little more about myself. Since I just turned 30, I thought I'd share 30 things. And since I really like lists, I will share it in a list.

1. My name is Liz. (Call this one a freebie, but whatever.... I figure it's important that any readers know who I am.) Actually, my real name is Elizabeth, but no one calls me that.

2. I just turned 30 shortly before Christmas. I've been asked many times if I like having a birthday so close to Christmas, and people always seem surprised when I say yes. What's not to like? Birthday + Christmas = a lot of reasons to celebrate all at once. Plus, there's Thanksgiving a few weeks before my birthday and my dad's birthday a few days before mine. Lots of fun!

3. I'm a newlywed. At least, I think I'm a newlywed. How long are you considered a newlywed, anyway? Anyway, I just got married in July. My husband and I have settled into married life and are enjoying it so far. You'll probably read about him from time to time here.

4. I swam competitively for 15 years. Yep, that's right, from age 7 through college, I swam competitively year-round. While I must admit that I didn't love every single minute (hello, 5 a.m. practices), overall, I really enjoyed it and am glad that I spent all those years at swim practices and meets.

5. I love ice cream. Seriously, I probably eat more ice cream than anyone you've ever met or will ever meet. I'm sure it had something to do with all the time spent swimming and all the calories I burned, but there was a time when I could eat half a gallon to a gallon a week (and did). I actually used to work at Baskin-Robbins, and it's still my favorite ice cream ever. (In fact, we even served some with the cake at our wedding!) Don't worry--just as my workout time has been cut back, so has my ice cream consumption.... but I still enjoy a small bowl every now and then.

6. I live in Indianapolis, but I'm originally from Louisville, KY. I think my husband and I are probably here in Indy for good, but Louisville will always be home to me. In my (biased) opinion, it's the best city in the world. I do like Indy, though.... I think it's a great city with a lot to offer, and I'm very happy here.

7. I am the oldest of two children. My younger brother lives in St. Louis. My parents still live in Louisville.

8. I've been to six countries in Europe. In high school, I went with a group from my school. Six countries. Sixteen days. Whirlwind trip. It was great. A couple of years later, I went back with some family to visit London and Paris. I'm ready to go back and visit some more.... it's been too long.

9. Other than a trip to Arizona, the furthest west I've been in the United States is St. Louis. Apparently I'm not as well-traveled in my own country. I've visited quite a few places (most more than once) in the eastern half of the U.S., but I need to make some travel plans to see the other side of the country.

10. When I find a book or movie I like, I will most likely read or watch it again--several times over. My husband jokes that buying books or DVDs is a good investment for me because I'll get so much use out of them.

11. My favorite book is "The Firm." Guess how many times I've read it? I don't know, but I'd guess between 15 and 20. I'm actually on my second copy because pages started falling out of the first.

12. My favorite movie is "Clue." My dad brought it home from the video store once when I was younger, and once I watched it, I was hooked. I actually have it both on VHS (which I never watch anymore) and DVD (which I recently thought I'd lost, which left me in a slight state of panic until I discovered that my brother had borrowed it).

13. I am left-handed. There are actually quite a few left-handed people on both sides of my family. My husband is right-handed but does many things (mainly playing sports) left-handed. My brother is a lefty who does some things (again, mainly sports) right-handed. I am a lefty who does just about everything left-handed.

14. I am a big (BIG) University of Kentucky fan. I'm also a big Xavier University fan (and grad). It can be tough being an SEC fan in the middle of Big Ten country, but I make the best of it.  :)  I really enjoy college sports, with basketball being my favorite and football being a close second. My husband is also a big sports fan (although he likes different teams), so you can imagine what's often on TV at our house.

15. I apparently love insurance commercials. Well, that's not entirely true, but I have a few favorite commercials right now, and I recently realized most of them are for insurance companies. I love the State Farm commercials with Aaron Rodgers ("I'm a robot!"), and I love Geico commercials, too--both those with the gecko and those with the caveman. My current favorite Geico commercial is with Maxwell the pig and his pinwheels when he goes ziplining ("Whee whee wheeeeee!"). I liked his earlier commercial, too, when he yelled "Wheeee!" out the window (again, with the pinwheel) as he was being driven home. Finally, I really like the All-State guy.

16. I'm close to my family. I talk to my parents (one or the other, but more often my mom) almost every day. My brother and I text occasionally, but my parents keep up on what we're both up to and pass info along. Two of my cousins were in my wedding--one as the maid of honor and the other as a bridesmaid. It's always fun when my family gets together, whether it be immediate or extended family. What can I say? We're a fun group.  :)

17. The TV show "The Office" is one of my favorites. I would love to work at Dunder-Mifflin. (OK, if I was an employee there, I might not enjoy it, but as an outsider looking in--to a TV show--it seems like I'd at least have some entertaining co-workers.)

18. I am always cold. OK, maybe not always, but most of the time, I'm cold. I don't know if it's poor circulation or just being cold-natured or what, but you can often find me in pants, a sweatshirt, and fleece socks--even in the middle of the summer. (Hey, the air conditioning works really well at our house! I change into weather-appropriate clothes when I go outside.)

19. I really enjoy watching "Law & Order" reruns. SVU is my favorite because I really like Benson and Stabler.

20. There are two places I've always wanted to visit: Egypt and Boston. My great-aunt went to Egypt years ago, and she sent me some pictures when she got back. They stuck with me, and I've wanted to go ever since. I'll probably have to wait a while, though. I don't know when or why I added Boston to the top of my travel list, but for some reason I did, and I still want to visit.

21. Career-wise, I'm still not sure what I want to do with my life. My degrees are in Spanish and English, and my work experience is in journalism. I've gone through many ideas (including writer, teacher, real estate agent, graphic designer, and a few others), but I'm not sure yet. I've had a little experience with each of these and am hoping to use my unemployment time to do more research and learn more about myself and what kind of job I want.

22. I'm very organized about most things. My shoes have to be in pairs (preferably on the shoe rack in my closet, although some days a few pairs pile up on the floor in the corner), and my DVDs are organized into movies and TV shows. (The TV show DVDs are in alphabetical order, but for some reason I never bothered to do this with the movies.) My closet is even organized by type of clothing--all the pants together, all the shirts together, etc. The pants are divided up into workout pants, jeans, and dress pants. The shirts are organized but sleeve length and collar type (yep, not making that up) and go from tank tops to collared, long-sleeved shirts.

23. I love getting mail. Sometimes I'll write notes to family and friends, even though it would be quicker to call, text, or email, because I enjoy writing them and I know other people enjoy getting something (besides junk mail or a bill) in the mailbox. I save all of my personal mail, too. Seriously--there is a plastic bag upstairs (I need to find a nice box) full of birthday cards, Christmas cards, notes, etc., from the past few years.

24. "Friends" is my all-time favorite TV show. I've seen every episode (most more than once), and for just about any situation, I can find a relevant "Friends" quote. Way too often, I find myself saying, "It's like that one episode of 'Friends' where...." (I often quote "Arrested Development" as well.)

25. I love dogs. I'd really like to get one sometime in the next couple of years. I'd really like a goldendoodle.

26. I don't enjoy shopping. In fact, I generally don't go shopping unless there's something in particular that I'm looking for. I really like consignment shops and have found some good deals. It makes doing something I don't really like to do a little more fun!

27. Italian food is my favorite. I even have a cookbook full of Italian recipes, which is saying something, because it's my only cookbook. I love Maggiano's, Olive Garden, and Mama Corolla's (a local restaurant).

28. I don't like sleeping in. I just feel like I'm wasting part of my day. The only exception to this is if I was out really, really late the night before--like party-all-night-and-close-down-the-bars late (and I'm rarely out that late). Even then, I don't like the feeling that I've wasted half my day after sleeping in, but at least I'm getting the rest I need.

29. I like getting out of the house. I like the occasional lazy days, but for the most part, I enjoy being active. If I'm not doing something at home, I have to get out and about, even if it's just to run errands. This is become more difficult since becoming unemployed, as it seems like I suddenly have more than ever to do at home and less than ever to do outside the house. I make sure I get out every day, even if it's just to go to the grocery or gym--if I stay inside all day, I'll go stir-crazy.

30. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, white wine (preferably Pino Grigio or Chardonnay) is my drink of choice. I don't really like red wine, and I'm not really a fan of beer, either (although if I do have to drink beer, I go with Bud Light, something most beer drinkers would probably laugh at). I also like a good Captain and Coke every now and then, and of course I like bourbon and mint juleps. I am a Kentucky girl, after all. :)

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